Article - How To Get Your Learners Drivers Licence In Australia

How To Get Your Learners Drivers Licence In Australia

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Getting your L-Plates is the first step in getting your full licence in Australia. Unlike the P-Plate test, there is no practical skills needed to obtain your Learners Licence, instead you are required to sit a theory test consisting of several questions which test your knowledge of safe driving. While a lot of Australians try to get driving as soon as they can, others put it off and wait for later in life to start driving. No matter your situation, we’ve put together a straight forward guide which takes you step by step through the entire process of obtaining your L-Plates in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and all throughout Australia.

Studying For Your Learner Driving Test

What Do You Need To Know To Pass Your Learner Test The First Time?

To pass your L’s test, you will be required to study the relevant road safety guide for your state and complete a multiple choice test to prove your knowledge. The tests differ from state to state, so take a look below to see what is required in each different state in order to pass the Learners test and get your L-Plates. All tests require you to be at least 16 years old and successfully complete an eye sight test.

New South Wales

Multiple Choice Test consisting of 45 Questions.
15 General Knowledge questions (Must get at least 12/15).
30 Road Safety questions(Must get at least 29/30).


Multiple Choice Test consisting of 32 questions. You must get at least 25/30 to pass.

Western Australia

Multiple Choice Test consisting of 30 questions. You must get at least 24/30 to pass.


Multiple Choice Test consisting of 30 questions.
10 questions about giving way (Must get at least 9/10)
20 questions about road rules and licence requirements (Must get at least 18/20)

South Australia

Part A - Give Way Diagram Test consisting of 8 questions. (Must get 8/8)
Part B - Multiple Choice Test consisting of 42 questions. (Must get at least 32/42)

How Can I Put Myself In The Best Position To Pass The Learners Test First Go?

To pass the theory test you will need to have a solid understanding of the relevant learning materials provided to you from each different states motor vehicle registry.

Once you have studied the relevant content, you are able to put your memory to the test at your local motor registry and sit the Learners theory test. Before you do so, we recommend that you test yourself at home and take a practice test. Along with the guide, your state’s website will offer a practice test so that you can get a feel of the test format and see your areas for improvement. We recommend taking the practice test as many times as you can before the actual test to boost your knowledge and save you from having to pay more than once.

What Do You Need To Do On The Day Of The Learners Test?

Once you have booked your test, you should gather the necessary paperwork from your state’s website to save time and hassle on the day. As well as the relevant licencing paperwork, you will need proof of identity and a proof of your current address. If you have a passport, bring it, otherwise a birth certificate is fine with your school or university ID card. For you’re address, bring a recent bank statement or bill will your name on it along with your address.

Taking The Learner Driver Test

While taking the test, take your time with each question. As highlighted above, most state’s only allow for very few errors so it’s vital that you are confident with your answers. The only way to be confident with your knowledge is to study for the test.

This isn’t a test that you can fluke, it will determine your knowledge of the road and help you in driving situations for the rest of your life so give it a real go. Review the handbook and most importantly sit the practice test as many times as you can. The practice test will often time have many questions that they use on the real test so you can get a real head start by familiarising yourself with the contents of the test and what they are looking for.

After You Pass Your Learners Test

Congratulations! You’re an L-Plater! You can now drive with a fully licenced driver and work towards getting your P-1 licence. Be sure to remember the contents of the driving handbook of your state. By translating your vast knowledge of road safety theory into safe driving skills you will have no problem getting your P-Plates. For assistance with your P-Plate test, we have put together a comprehensive guide going over log book requirements and the practical driving test including all manoeuvres that will assist you in passing with ease.

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